Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hunger Games Casting: Peeta Mellark

I was Team Peeta all the way - so this next casting idea is very dear to my heart.

Here's who I would pick to play Peeta Mellark. I have no idea what this person has been in, so
I can't vouch for his acting ability. However, he looks closest to what I pictured in my head, except he should technically be pudgier. I doubt we'd be able to find any appropriate pudgy mail actors in Hollywood. Except for that kid on that horrid Charlie Sheen show. This dude's name is David Kross.


Anonymous said...

sorry to burst your bubble but peeta is suspose to be hot.. this kid is missing that factor, and peeta is suspose to be buff not fat!

Eljabo said...

Um, have you even read the books? Peeta is supposed to be chubby NOT hot. He's most decidedly NOT buff.

Jessica said...

Peeta isn't suppose to be fat nor chubby. He is stocky which means he has a sturdy build, not a fat one! Also, Katniss and Caesar Flickerman refer to him as "handsome", therefore, he must be attractive.

Eljabo said...

I disagree - I think of stocky as chubby and the dictionary agrees with me because these are the official synonyms of stocky: thickset - squat - stumpy - stubby - dumpy - podgy.

However, just because he's chubby doesn't mean he can't be handsome or attractive.

Although, it really doesn't matter at this point because they didn't picky my truly awesome choice.