Monday, June 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home (Part 1)

My whirlwind week is over and I'm back in my fantabulous apartment. It was by far one of my best vacations ever. The work part in NY went well - I even got to meet my old boss for dinner - something we've been trying to do for months. (Although I still think NY men are really weird.)

The trip to Niagara Falls/Toronto with Liz, Tina and Ian was GREAT! I'll have more to write on that pictures but I'm a little pooped now. However, I've missed writing in my blog, so I'll start with a list of funny snippets of conversation from our trip. No context will be provided (except in rare instances). This will either make it funnier...or really lame!

Vacation Chatter (featuring Liz, Tina, Ian & Laurie)
  1. Which Roosevelt was in Annie?

  2. Sorry Officer, I was looking at the Olsen twins and that's not just a euphemism.

  3. I've never dressed up like Patrick Stewart, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.

  4. It was the quintessential 'Baby Got Back' moment.

  5. That's a big ass church.

  6. Diarrhea exempts you from the squat-and-cough.

  7. It's not the special ed class, it's the Hooters class.

  8. Show you my hooters? I don't think so. I'll show you the barrel of my gun, buddy. (in response to a request written on the back of a semi.)

  9. Do you have anything to declare? I have Canadian bacon and Sarah McLachlan.

  10. That's what Canada's all about. Cute lumberjacks!

  11. When I have a headache, I focus on things that feel good on my body. Like my hand. Today it feels great, one day it'll be old & decrepit.

  12. He put the "No" in Dino. (spoken about Liz's fear of Dino, the morning show DJ on Sunny '95.)

  13. Keep your Canadian lights off our American falls.

  14. We used to have a bridge on the American side of the falls, but we got too fat and they had to tear it down.

  15. Question: Are those your children in the back? (said to Ian and me by the border guard on the way back to the States).
    Front Seat Answer: Um no ... we're all the same age.
    Horrified Back Seat Answer: Children?!? I'm 30!!
    Response from Guard: Oh! It must be the sunglasses


shroud said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a good time, work commmitments or no.

amymvt said...

poor Liz--she looks like an adult she is just short:) or did she have her hair in pigtails while sucking on a lollipop?

BTW we have your papers

Eljabo said...

No pigtails or lollipops! I think the guard dude was visually-impaired. Even if they were 12, there's no way I could be their mom - unless I look way older than I think.

Although I could technically have a 12-year-old had I been like the rest of the girls in my high school and gotten knocked up early!