Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am so bummed!

The good news is, thanks to Dear Lovey Heart's comment, I now know that Talk Like a Pirate Day is on Tuesday, September 19 - I'm counting down the days until I can "Blimey" and "Matey" until the cows come home (or the ship sinks, depending on what comes first.)

I'm sure my co-wenches will enjoy hearing pirate-peppered lingo. Maybe they'll chime in with a few "scurvy landlubbers" of their own. I'm also thinking I may need to - CRAP! I'm going to be in New Jersey working for Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Or in pirate: The pirate speaks,"CRAP! I'm goin' t' be in New Jersey workin' for Talk Like a Pirate Day." Tee hee- I found an English to Pirate translator.)

I was going to suggest a pirate-themed party to celebrate the momentous occasion - but it may have to be a weekend thing. Fellows, you'll need eye patches. Ladies, you'll need eye patches too. Steph - you'll need to wear your Halloween costume - it's the law of the high seas!

Ooh - there's even a pirate name generator - I'm Voodoo Lizzie!

Here's the Sucky Part
Yes, the working part seriously sucks, but what's worse is that in the link Dear Lovey Heart included (bless her heart because it's fabulous), there was a Buccaneer Bachelor contest and I CAN'T PARTICIPATE!

I'm single, I'm looking and that hunka-hunka burning love on the website is definitely my kind of matey. Alas, the contest is closed and some other lucky wench is going to win his heart (or some more useful body part!)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't know what I did with my halloween costume, Laurie. And, apparently, you should actually be referring to me as "Buccaneer Ethel".

Anonymous said...

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