Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Can't Do the Ta-Ta, Tuta, Whatever It's Called, to Save My Life

I just got back from bellydancing - I have a mental block about the new routine. Probably because they learned the whole thing the week I was at the beach. It's called the Tuta or Tata or Tada. I know the name of it about as well as I know the actual dance. It's so frustrating.

Sneak Preview of My Weekend to Come

I'm excited! I have a super weekend ahead of me. Liz is coming up tomorrow - we're going to this WCBE fundraiser where you pay $20 to go to all these different bars and hear 30 bands play. (Steph - if you're reading this, you should come with us!)

She's staying at my place Friday night - then she has some work thing on Saturday morning and I have a hair appointment with my Joseph. We're going to meet up for lunch and go to the Star Wars exhibit at COSI. Then I'm meeting Bachelor #7 at Gameworks. On Sunday, I may meet up with Bachelor #8, but we haven't nailed that down yet.

These bachelors are wearing me down!

Weight Watchers Update

You'll be pleased to know I had another stellar points-following day. Combined with my 60 minute bellydancing class where we did body snakes and lots of hip beats, I feel I'm on track. Hopefully, I can keep it up this weekend. I just need to stay focused!

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