Thursday, February 15, 2007

Risking Death To Drive to Work

Well, not really but kind of. Yesterday was part two of frozen Columbus. It looked like a snow globe outside...big fluffy flakes. Very pretty, but treacherous. (I'm pretending like I'm writing for the local TV news...."and Columbus was covered in a blanket of white death") Lots of people had yesterday off. I was not one of them.

I managed to un-scrape my car and pull out of my parking space (where it had been plowed in by a well meaning snow removal expert. ) As I'm driving to work, I notice no one else on the road. I get to work and realize there was a Level 3 Snow Emergency. I could've been arrested for driving to work! That would've been a special treat. "What are you in for?" "Going to work. How 'bout you?" "Prostitution."

Sadly I got there earlier yesterday than I do when the roads are clear.

I suspect I'm going to have trouble getting out of here today...I had trouble driving over the giant mound of snow blocking the parking space. I guess that's why I have a shovel.

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