Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whew! Back from NYC

So my whirlwind trip to New York is over, thank goodness! Since LaGuardia is the cesspool of all airports - our flights in and out were delayed. I don't know why LaGuardia even pretends flights leave on time. Instead of saying a flight leaves at 8 p.m., just come clean and say it leaves at 10. We all know that's really what's going to happen. And the grossest thing ever...I saw a brother and sister having a gropefest. I'm originally from WV and even I don't think that's cool. (We knew they were brother and sister because they looked like twins and they called the same man 'Dad.')

I'm a little bummed. I stayed at the InterContinental, which is supposed to be this snooty, fancy-schmancy hotel. All I can say is, at least at the Viking Motor Inn in Virginia Beach, I had towels. Yep, no towels in my room. I had two hand towels ... that was it. Of course, I didn't notice until I was done with my shower. Since I would've been able to drip-dry by the time the towels arrived, I squeegeed myself with the hand towels. Also, there was no shampoo. There was conditioner (NOT conditioning shampoo), lotion and Q-tips, but no shampoo. And I swear I had vinyl sheets on one of the full-size beds.

New York is a great city - lots of hustle and bustle and filled with the glamorous and the dirty side by side. The horns would drive me bonkers though. When I got home last night, all I could hear were car horns. They were just imprinted in my mind. (Is that a sign I'm cracking up?)

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