Thursday, May 31, 2007

No! I Can't Have Gray Hair!

Eeek! It's finally happened. My name's Laura, I'm 30 years old and I have gray hairs.

Granted, it's hard to tell how long I've had these Santa Claus-colored locks. I color my hair so much I'm not even sure what my natural color is. But I have some roots coming in (maybe my natural color is some sort of dark brown?!?) and I spied a few wiry gray strands.

My first reaction was to stare in horror. It's one thing to dye your hair because it's fun - it's something else entirely to dye your hair because you have to. My second reaction was to pull them out. Unfortunately, I spotted at least three so there's too many to pull out. My third thought was to cry, but I have bellydancing tonight and I don't want to be all blotchy.

I'm feeling very traumatized by this - this is one of those aging signs I've recently noticed. Like that one line in between my eye brows that doesn't go away anymore. I'm now thisclose to walking around with a cane!

Whoever said your 30s was the coolest decade lied. It's the decade where when you buy anti-aging products, no one scoffs at you and says, "What are you buying those for? You don't need them!" Instead, they suggest products to get rid of those lines. (OK, that hasn't happened to me yet, but when it does, you'll be the first to know. Unless I need to get a therapist to deal with the trauma - then he/she/it will be the first to know!)

Condom Watch 2007
It's still there. It's been buried a bit, but my eagle eyes spot it from three feet away. Oh, today I was walking with my co-worker to the store and we passed a box of condoms on the side of the road. (Empty box, I presume, although I didn't check.) We were in a heavy commercial zone - not sure why there'd be an empty box. What is up with me seeing condoms everywhere? Is this supposed to remind me that my dating life has been crap/nonexistent lately?

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