Sunday, May 06, 2007

Surreal Life: Incarcerated

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha....

I know I shouldn't laugh at other people's misfortune because that's a surefire way for karma to throw a big pile of poo in my face (and I'm having an unpleasant enough month without karma's poo.)

However, I can't help but feel Paris Hilton got what she deserves. She shouldn't have driven drunk and she shouldn't have driven when her license was revoked. It's not like she can't have a driver take her wherever she wants to go. And quite frankly, if there's a possibility of going to jail...don't be LATE for your court appearance.

Of course. they'll probably film an entire Surreal Life series about her befriending Betty the prostitute and Bertha the drug pusher. Although maybe this will be an eye-opening experience for her and she'll stop being such a fame whore. We can only hope!

I'd like to see what she does without a colorist and without a facialist. (Black roots and zits..that's what I suspect will happen!) Do you think she'll make the orange jumpsuit trendy?

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