Saturday, June 30, 2007

Way Too Old to Go Out on School Nights!

I learned last week I no longer have the recovery capabilities of my youth. Sadly, I didn't take much advantage of that ability back then because I was fat and zitty but I'm going out enough now to make up for it -- I'm just more tired the next day!

I went with some peeps from work (Jennifer, John & Michael) to Whiskey Dick's for their 'Thursday Thunder Bike Night' to see Pleather, a band that covers 80s hair metal music.

I've decided this is my new favorite bar AND band. Who doesn't love biker night and 80s rock? I threw on an AC/DC t-shirt (love it when I can re-wear Halloween costumes) and my sassy animal print sandals. Jennifer went to high school with the drummer of the band so we've been wanting to check them out for awhile.

The whole night was hilarious - all kinds of people in leather! There was a guy with a gray braid down to his butt gyrating with some chica to one of the power ballads. He also 'showed his tits' when the band was giving out free T-shirts. I'm sure they were thrilled - his 'tits' looked smokin' from where I was standing.

Coming to a Bar Near You: Hot Girl-on-Girl Action

There was also the always-present 'look-at-me girls' who decide girl-on-girl action is the best way to get attention from the fellas. Gotta love 'em!

I ran into one of the girls in the bathroom as she shrieked "God, it feels so good to pee!" in the stall. I have to say, I was NOT enjoying the toilet as much as she was. When she came out of the stall, she wet down her hair at the sink and said, "I don't know how to make my hair look cute, so I'm just going to slick it down like a black girl." (I'm not really sure what she even meant by that, but that's what she said. And since I experienced it, you have to experience it too!)

Then she SLAPPED MY ASS and ran out of the bathroom. What's up with people grabbing/ slapping my ass lately? I know I've got a booty, but do you need to touch it? Maybe it's the equivalent of a Buddha stomach - touch my butt for luck. I should charge money.

The faux-lesbians (one was wearing a leather bikini-ish top tied in the back with fringe on the boob area and the ass-slapper was wearing a sequined tank top barely covering her boobs) decided to put on a show at the front of the stage. They were dancing together and rubbing their breasts. Of course, the biker guys thought it was fabulous - a couple got out their cell phones to video the occasion. I'm sure the video will be uploaded to a web site near you, so look for it.


Dear Lovey Heart said...

sounds fun! I saw that you are reading/read Mansfield park WooHoo! i love that book!

Eljabo said...

I just finished it - part of my 'I should read more books that don't have half-naked people on the cover' mission. I've been working my way through the '1,001 books you should read before you die and it's on the list.

It was really good though - great characters, interesting themes. Henry and Maria were even a little scandalous!