Thursday, August 30, 2007

MacGyver Strikes Again

I can't believe I forgot to tell the best part of my date story.

I bought a lacy shirt with a camisole underneath. I was planning to wear it last night but forgot how skinny the camisole straps were. None of my bras worked because the straps didn't line up quite right. I actually needed a strapless bra, but unfortunately, don't own one!

I really, really wanted to wear that particular shirt (although apparently I could have worn a burlap sack and it would've had the same effect) so I found my bra with the skinniest straps, grabbed some scotch tape and taped the straps together so my bra wouldn't show. Genius! MacGyver strikes again...why am I only a genius when it comes to my brassieres?

Of course, if you looked close enough, you could see the tape. But...we all know that didn't happen!

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shannon said...

Laura Jane -

You make me laugh! I think you have a new calling when it comes to MacGyver-ing your bras! Think of all the women in the world who have bra drama and don't know how to fix them!! You Rock!