Sunday, September 30, 2007

And a Premiere Here & a Premiere There...

Over the past week, I've finally been able to catch up on a few more premieres. Woo hoo for me!

  • The Big Bang Theory: I detest that Kaley Cuoco girl, but I actually thought this show was kind of funny. I laughed out loud at a few of the jokes - particularly some of the things the taller nerd said. I'm not convinced this deserves permanent DVR status, but I'll watch another episode.

  • Chuck: I was expecting to love this show since someone described it as Alias with Marshall in the lead role. (I loved Marshall!) I liked the show OK but I hated the blonde girl at all - she needs to be removed. Why oh why were there so many scenes of her in her underwear? We get it...she's hot and he's a nerd. (Although he's a pretty dang hunky nerd...did I just say hunky? I seem to be channeling my mom...) I'll keep watching Chuck...for now. (Chuck, Chuck, bo-buck, banana-fana, fo-...)

  • Journeyman: I loved, loved, loved this show! It started a little slow but by the end I was hooked. I'm a huge fan of the book The Time Traveler's Wife (one of my all-time favorites) & this show reminded me of that book. Yeah, the dude time travels, but his complex relationships with friends and family are the 'meat' of the show. This one scores a permanent spot on my DVR.


t said...

Good tip on Journeyman. Thanks.

Meanwhile, did you catch Bionic Woman? In reality, I wasn't overly impressed.

HOWEVER, my impression took a back seat when JenG left a high-energy message on my phone (mid-premiere). I've not heard squealing like that since the good ol' days of Alias.

I'm willing to give it another shot, in hopes that we can get something Aliaesque going on there.

It tastes like.... Alias with a dash of Melrose Place, on a bed of that crappy part of Buffy when she was dating Riley, the uber-secret soldier boy.

Fingers crossed that it gets better with age.

Eljabo said...

You know - I taped Bionic Woman, but I haven't watched it yet. I'll let you know what I think though.

Your Buffy-Riley reference makes me a little leery. 'Cause you're right, that was the crappiest part of Buffy. (Well...the arrival of Dawn was pretty bad too.)