Friday, September 07, 2007

I Think I May Soon Experience My Untimely Demise

I was feeling motivated the other day, so I signed up for a fitness boot camp that starts two Mondays from now.

I figured it would be a tough program. For four weeks, I'll be working out with 50 women from 5:30 - 6:30 a.m. five days a week. My friend Amy's co-workers did it and got amazing results (according to Amy - I did not witness with my own peepers.)

Tonight, I got an email from the dude in charge.

I have to go in on Sunday for "body fat testing with calipers, girth measurements, & weight." Girth measurements? Calipers? Is it possible to have 50% body fat? What if I have the most body fat he's ever seen?

I'm absolutely petrified I'm going to be the fattest, most out-0f-shape person at this camp. On our first Friday, we're doing a timed mile run/walk. I don't run. At all. What if everyone runs but me? We will also be doing a push-up test. I can only do girl push-ups. What if they throw me out for my lack of man-style push-ups?

What on earth did I get myself into?

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