Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Booty Shaking 101

Yet another whirlwind weekend - mainly because I spent Saturday shaking my booty at the Columbus International Festival. I had a few of my peeps in the crowd cheering as 40 of our studio's finest performed. No wonder people call us 'the army of bellydancers!'

It's funny - I'm not as nervous about performing now. Maybe it's because I know the routines a little bit better and this is my 6th performance, so I'm kind of an old pro. (hardy har har)

I did make a big boo boo. I come from the marching band school of thought, which is 'everyone goes down with the ship. ' If one person makes a mistake, everyone else makes the same mistake so it's seamless to the audience.

One of the girls took her bow too soon, so I immediately did mine after her so it looked like was part of the show. The problem was, everyone else was of the 'it's better to be right' school of thought. Me and the other girl ended up looking like big giant asses.

Oh well. My band director always said - if you're going to make a mistake, make it a dang good one! Only he didn't say dang...

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