Monday, November 19, 2007

My Body Is Tired

I will never again run a little over two miles and do an hour of jazzercise a little bit later. I spent most of last night watching Charmed episodes on DVD and doing laundry. That was pretty much all I could do as my legs were jello.

Actually, my whole weekend was pretty dull - and I loved it! I've been a over-scheduled lately so it was good to lounge around, read and watch TV. I saw the movie Michael Clayton on Friday night and that's about it! (It was good, but I won't be rushing out to see it again any time soon. It's not very uplifting!)

Thank goodness this is a short week! I'm having a bit of a tiff with one of my colleagues from another department, as he seems to be an ass. He wants me to go to boring, hour-long, poorly-run meetings to have a bunch of people tell me what's wrong with the crap I write.

Personally, I think they should work that out on their own and let me know what to change. I've got other stuff to do! On top of his ass-ishness, on Friday, he forwarded me an answer to a question I had asked and forgot to remove a snotty remark he had written about me. Nice!

If he continues this crap today, he's going to experience the full-fledged Wrath of Laura. Last week, he got an abbreviated version.

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