Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm So Creeped Out

Liz, Tina and I just went to see Cloverfield, mainly because of our group crush on J.J. Abrams (responsible for Alias, Lost and other fun things.) I read a review that said there was no particular reason the movie was called Cloverfield, it could've just as easily been called Cabbage, and oddly enough, that's true.

Still the scariest dang movie I've ever seen. (Granted, I don't exactly have a high tolerance for scary, so other people may be much less petrified.)

I don't want to give away the plot so I'm not going into particulars. Let's just say, there was one point where I jumped up out of my seat and almost kicked and hit Tina simultaneously.

Throughout the movie, Tina sat back, relaxed like the cool cat she is and also laughing at Liz and me. Most of the time, Liz was curled in the fetal position and I had my wool peacoat covering my eyes (occasionally peeking out in rare moments of bravery.)

We also had a few frantic moments. At one point, the characters said, "Let's go out there and see what's going on." Liz and I covered our eyes, mumbling "We don't want to know." Another time, we jumped about three inches out of our seats and clutched at each other, gripping onto each other's hands. We may have even shrieked - it was a bit of a blur.

Now I'm home and I've closed all my blinds in case anything is out there looking at me. I can guarantee I'm sleeping with all my lights on - if I sleep at all. (And I'm supposed to start training for a half marathon at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow! Yowza.)

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