Saturday, April 12, 2008

Okinawa Trip: Saturday Shopping!

Yesterday morning, we dropped Brian's parents off at the airport. It's amazing how friendly and helpful the Okinawa people are with foreigners navigating their way to the ticket counter. When I entered Japan, they had to rescan my purse. The scanner guy actually apologized to me. When leaving Detroit, the scanner lady yelled at me because I left my DVD player in the bag. She said: "Don't let it happen again." (Of course, the signs only say to remove laptops, nothing about DVD players.)

We ate breakfast at the airport. I picked up what looked like a massive doughnut filled with something sinful like pudding or jelly. Instead, it was filled with purple bean curd. It wasn't bad, but not what I expected. I'm guessing Krispy Kreme won't offer bean curd-filled doughnuts anytime soon.

We spent most of the day shopping on Kokosai Street. This time, I was ready to buy, and buy I did. I hope everything fits in my bags and the American baggage handlers don't break anything. One time they left my toothbrush hanging out of my bag, which completely grossed me out when I saw it dragging on the conveyor belt.

My Kimono!

I bought a kimono! I really wanted one, because when in Japan, one must buy a kimono. We were in these itty bitty alley shops where NO ONE spoke any English. I pointed at the kimonos and lifted my hand above my head so she knew I wanted one my size.

The very crafty lady (she was 5 feet tall and had to be in her 70s or 80s) had one on me in a flash and then tied it all up with the cords and obi (sash) that go with it. Of course, I'm looking at myself in the mirror thinking I looked pretty dang cute, so I had to buy it. She used a calculator to tell me the price for everything. Although she actually gave me a 1000 yen discount, the sweetheart! (1000 yen is about $10.)

Sushi - woo hoo!

We went to a fun sushi restaurant for dinner and sampled an insane amount of food. We had to take our shoes off and sit on the floor for the meal, which was pretty fun.

I had tuna and eel sushi. The eel was incredibly delicious - it melted in my mouth. I also got my favorite- spicy tuna roll- and a yummy salad with raw fish on it! What a great idea - salad AND raw fish! We also ate little fried cheese filled doughnuts and shrimp tempura and pizza on nan bread.

Update on My Nasty McDonald's Drink

We stopped at another McDonald's so I could find out the name of the disgusting fish/seaweed/coffee grounds drink. It was Sokenbicha, a tea made by Coca Cola. It supposedly is for health and beauty conscious women - I can't imagine how it would make you beautiful unless you put it on your face. It's apparently some type of unsweetened green tea, which would explain my revulsion. I'm not a huge fan of green tea - I think it tastes like grass.

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