Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy National Coffee Day!

I'm back in town after a super fun trip to Roanoke, Virginia to see Shannon, Zach, Hannah, Reaghan, Baby Jude and Brutus the Beagle. I'll write more later about that - gotta go out and make a living - but wanted to wish everyone a happy National Coffee Day! I know I'll be celebrating with a cup of the liquid crack.

So, did you guys catch the debate on Friday? I think you saw in it what you wanted to see. I thought Barack Obama was AMAZING - presidential and very clear about what he wants to do to help this country. He let McCain get away with too much stupid crap, but Obama is a diplomatic fellow. He's never going to be screaming or shouting or nasty - he's got a quiet but distinct leadership style. After 8 years with Cowboy Dubya, that's what we need!

I thought John McCain looked really old and crotchety, like he was seconds away from yelling at Obama to get off his lawn. He wasn't very clear and seemed condescending and snippy. Plus, when he started arguing about how the president can't have on-the-job training, it makes me wonder why he picked Palin who has had to be tutored in everything (a la My Fair Lady) since she took the VP candidate slot.

What's funny is I talked to my mom about it and she said she and my dad thought Obama made too many faces and was annoying and that McCain seemed to be the solidly better candidate. I can't figure out what they have against Obama. They would so clearly do better economically with his policies. And neither one are religious freaks, so Obama's social policies are more in line with theirs. I honestly don't understand how anyone can prefer blustery freakazoid McCain to the intelligent, poised Obama. But I guess that's why we have two parties.

NOW I'm headed to work!

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shroud said...

I was pretty nonplussed with the debate. Neither candidate really hit it out of the park for me, and Obama said "John is absolutely right" WAAAY to often.

I can see the GOP making a clip of all those into a commercial for McCain... :(