Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Latest Video

The New Kids on the Block have released their SECOND music video from their latest album. I'm telling you, they don't know they're a bunch of old married dudes. (Well, except for the single Donnie and Danny. Let me tell you, Stephanie and I have big plans for them when we go see the Kids in Detroit in October.)

Click here for the video.

My favorite parts are when all five Kids do a choreographed move in unison. It's pretty hot. Joey Joe sings soulfully into the camera. Jordan does his falsetto. Danny has a sexy voiceover and Donnie raps. I'm not really sure how Jon contributes. He seems to just be background.

The SINGLE girl in the "Single" video (tee hee) is caught canoodling with all five of the guys in the video. It's a little lame and makes her seem like a hoochie mama. At least in old school New Kid videos, they didn't have to share women.

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