Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let's Get Serious, People

It's nice if you've flirted with the idea of John McCain & Sarah Palin in the White House, but it's time to get serious. Our country is a hot mess - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the government, the average American is struggling to make ends meet and we're facing potential wars/disagreements with four different countries. What's gotten us in this mess? The failed policies of George W. Bush.

Ignore the stupid sniping and snappy one-liners from the Republican Party and think about the issues. You'll notice they don't often talk about the issues (because they have no new ideas to share) - it's all baseless personal attacks. And every time someone questions Palin's policies or experience, they're sexist. You don't get a free pass from knowing the issues just because you're a woman.

What Have John McCain & Sarah Palin Done for Us Lately?

It's nice that John McCain thinks he can bring change to the government now, but he's had 26 years to do that. What's he done for us lately? Nothing - except support Dubya's failed policies 90% of the time. Do we need someone who thinks the economy is doing just fine and we should keep tax cuts that give the rich lower rates than when Ron R. was president? Do we want someone who supports No Child Left Behind (except for funding it) -- a program all teachers detest? Do we want someone who beats his chest at other countries instead of even trying for diplomacy?

It's nice that Sarah Palin is religious and has a child with Downs Syndrome and has a family just like yours. But do we want someone who got her first passport in 2007 , who hadn't really thought all that much about Iraq a month ago and who thinks the Iraq War is a mission from God? Do we need someone who didn't realize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were actual companies traded on the stock exchange? (She thought they were taxpayer supported - and had gotten too big and too expensive.) Do we want someone as Vice President who, one month ago, didn't even understand what the vice president did?

This presidential race is not about who you'd rather get a beer with or who has a family just like yours or who was a POW 30 years ago. It is not whether you like Michelle Obama's eyebrows or think Joe Biden is too blustery. This race is about the survival of our country and our way of life as we know it.

The Change America Needs

Whether or not you personally like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, here's what you get with them in the White House:
  • Lower Taxes -- unless you're in the upper 5% of the country's income levels - then you get the same amount of taxes you paid when Clinton was president
  • More Diplomacy -- Barack Obama is never going to rush us into war - his foreign policy stances have been proven accurate time after time. Joe Biden has years of foreign policy experience - and Condi Rice called him a fine statesman.
  • Focus on Education -- Barack will actually FUND No Child Left Behind and Joe Biden's wife is a teacher so he understands the challenges they face.
  • No Tax Breaks for Companies That Outsource Jobs -- Every day I talk to someone who is training their replacement in China or India
  • Higher Taxes on Oil Companies - why should they get their highest profits ever when the average American can't make ends meet?
  • Investment in Alternative Fuels and an Immediate Tax Credit -- helps pain at the pump until our investments pay off
  • Someone Who Works With Both Parties Efficiently - Obama's background as a community organizer (which is NOT something to snicker at - he gave up an opportunity to have a six figure income to better his struggling neighborhood) and his experience working on the Senate sponsoring legislature WITH Republicans (despite what McCain wants you to think) means he can help heal our divided government

So think about whether you like what's going on now or if you want to see change and a better future for you and your children. If you like what's happening now, stick with John McCain and Sarah Palin - you get four more years of the same thing. If you think we're capable of something better, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are your choice this November.

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