Friday, October 03, 2008

Darn Tootin,' Putin!

I feel like I'm watching the straight-to-video movie Legally Blonde III: The Brunette Saves Washington. Spunky Sarah Palin heads to Washington to fight terrorism, save the economy, fix health care, clean up corruption and spread her maverickism around the globe, all while cheerfully making a mean cherry crisp, keeping the White House spic-and-span and managing her mischievous family of five kids, First Dude and a team of mush dogs.

"Golly gee Mr. Putin, we told you five times to get out of Georgia, now we're gonna have to blow you up. Sorry about that." "Gosh darn it, Osama Bin Laden. I'm bringing the Surge your way." And in one plot twist, Tina Fey and Sarah Palin switch places and hilarity ensues!

"She's Just Like Me!"

What scares me most is the number of people who want to vote for Sarah Palin via John McCain because she seems just like them. I don't want me or my friends or family in office. I wouldn't vote for any of us - myself included.

Yes, she's perky and funny and refreshing. She's probably an OK governor in an undemanding state with a small population (my COUNTY is bigger) and no state income or state sales taxes to worry about. She'd even be great in Congress. I just don't want her in the White House or talking to foreign leaders! Maybe later - for now, thanks but no thanks.

At Least She Didn't Trip

Sure, Sarah Palin gave a better-than-expected performance last night - but with such low expectations, how could she not do better? Her beauty pageant 'world peace' answers worked well for this format; however, she didn't even answer half the questions. She couldn't name a weakness (and she has plenty), she couldn't talk about the bailout or even defend her health care policy.

She simply recited from a playbook of answers about energy independence, cutting taxes and bringing change to Washington. I'm sorry, when you're running with John McCain at the top of the ticket - who votes with Bush 90% of the time - you're not the change candidate.

There's a 1 in 6 chance Palin will have to assume the presidency. That's a gamble I'm not willing to take.

Good Job Joe!

I thought Joe was brilliant last night. He never attacked Sarah Palin - although some of the dim-witted things she said deserved it. He wasn't condescending. He defended Barack Obama. He personalized what was happening in the country and he was knowledgeable about every issue. When he talked about knowing what it was like to be a single dad, I was very moved. Sure, he isn't perfect, but he's going to be a great VP.

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