Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Ovaries, My Business

I take the birth control pill, but not for birth control because I suck at taking it on time and it offers no STD protection. I take it to prevent ovarian cysts. In case you're not aware, ovarian cysts hurt like the dickens. I should know - I've had two! (By the way - what the heck are the dickens and why do they hurt?)

Taking the pill is a personal choice I made about my body with my doctor. I'm not Catholic and even if I were, I would prefer women to have access to birth control than to have unwanted pregnancies.

My biggest pet peeve is pharmacists who refuse to fill contraception and morning after pill prescriptions. If you feel that strongly about not giving people access to legal medicine, don't go to pharmacy school. It's up to me and my doctor to decide what goes in my body, not some yahoo jerk-off who sits around counting pills and putting them in jars. (In fact, with my birth control pill, he just has to slap a label on the box and hand it to me.)

Pro-Life or Anti-Sex?

There's a ridiculous pharmacy in Virginia that is refusing to stock birth control pills, condoms and morning after pills because they're a 'pro-life' pharmacy. That's bull-shit. They're an anti-sex pharmacy. If they were pro-life, they would want women to have contraception so they wouldn't have an unwanted pregnancy.

One woman said she plans to drive over 20 miles out of her way to shop there because “Obviously it’s good to support pro-life causes. Every little bit counts."

She's not stopping abortions by shopping there. All she's doing is preventing women from getting health care. If I lived in that town, I'd have to drive out of my way to get a legal prescription that my doctor wants me to take to prevent a medical condition.

Does anyone else think that's completely ridiculous?


BigMama said...

Completely ridiculous. And honestly, by refusing to provide Plan B in particular, they're probably MORE likely to cause an abortion a month or so down the road, rather than simply preventing the pregnancy in the first place. Insanity.

BTW, came over here from Tina's blog. Nice place you have here!

Eljabo said...

:) Welcome! I love Tina!

I couldn't agree more. It's a complete contradiction. It's not about pro-life at all because they think it's ok to blow up doctors and start wars. They just don't want unmarried women to have sex.