Monday, November 03, 2008

Free Coffee!

I'm way excited about this free coffee sample from Dunkin' Donuts! I LOVE Dunkin' Donuts coffee - I always drink it at El Casa de Tina and Liz!

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

And let me tell you, I'm going to need tons of coffee to help Barack Obama win Ohio. He really is our best hope for our country to get out of this ginormous mess we're in. I've been intimately involved with his campaign since March and I've never seen anything run better in my life. We can only hope to have our country run this well.

Plus, the Obama supporters are just so nice. I've found that McCain supporters, in general, seem to be much more interested in dividing this country and making hateful remarks. (EXAMPLE - this woman who wouldn't pass out trick-or-treat candy to children of Obama supporter)

We have a couple of 16-year-old boys who go door-to-door for us. They can't even vote, but they've spent hours working on this campaign. The other day they were at a McCain supporter's door and the woman started screaming at them that they were terrorists.

Come on people - Barack Obama is a U.S. senator - not a terrorist. All the 'terrorists' people try to link him to - yeah, they're faculty members at the University of Chicago. And certainly, 16-year-old boys going to high school in Ohio in the ritziest school districts aren't terrorists!

Click here to read an LA Times article about some of the people I've been volunteering with! They're in the northern part of the county, but they still rock! (Although not as much as my crew!)

Help Barack the Vote in Ohio!

If any of you have election day off and want to help make history, give me a buzz! I'd love to have some extra hands encouraging our supporters to get their butts to the polls! It's going to be incredible. All the stats are very encouraging right now, but we need your vote. You guys saw what happened in the last two elections. People got complacent, thought it didn't matter and we got stuck with the most disgusting, terrible president in American history.

This is our chance to get this country back on track with an incredible leader. And trust me, for the past seven months. I've spent at least 10 - 30 hours of my personal time each week helping this guy - he's a keeper!

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