Saturday, November 08, 2008

He's Seriously Texting Me Now?

Last night (around 11 p.m.), I got a random text from a number I didn't recognize. It said: "Well now that the election's over I'm guessing you likely have some more time for fun...any plans for Sat night?"

I had no idea who could've possibly sent me the text, so I sent one back (even though I was dead asleep) asking who sent it. It didn't really matter who it was, but I'm nosy and wanted to write about it on my blog.

You'll never guess who it was. It was that 40-year-old weirdo I went out with twice in August. The one who brought me a rose with thorns I had to carry around Easton all night. The one who has lived with his mom his entire life. The one who has a string of low paying, low skill jobs and no ambition to do better. The one who texted me after our date "Not only did you look gorgeous, but you smelled incredible too." (EW!)

A Breach of Etiquette

Let me count the bad manners associated with that text:

1) It's November - I haven't talked to him since late August. Does he really think I've been waiting to hear from him and the election was holding me back? And did he have his calendar marked "Text Eljabo" for the weekend after the election? And why does he still have my number saved in his phone? Grossness!

2) It was 11 p.m. -- I was dead asleep. I was pooped from my delightful evening of girly fun. I put on my leopard print PJs as soon as I got home and watched 27 Dresses (super cute!) and two episodes of Sex and the City.

3) It was Friday night -- I'm terrific - why wouldn't I already have plans for Saturday night? Even if I didn't, I'd certainly have something better to do than go out with a random guy who texts me at 11 p.m. the night before. (Here are my rockin' plans for tonight: Barack Boy and I are going to Cafe Istanbul for a post-election celebratory dinner. Then we're going to see either Zack and Miri Make a Porno or Role Models. Then, we're going out for a drink or two.)

I'm not even going to respond to his text - the one that said who is one and the one immediately following that said "hope I didn't wake you." Well, you did, buddy boy!

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