Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Economic Stimulus Plan

My poor parents are 99.9% likely to move from Toledo, Ohio to Missouri in a few months. Apparently, Missouri is a lot like Ohio, except it has jobs. Yep, the powers that be have shut down my dad's plant, so lots of Toledo folks are going to be unemployed. My dad's actually one of the lucky few who will be offered a job somewhere else. Some people - including people who have worked there for 30 years - are SOL.

I find this outsourcing thing to be annoying. You know what would fix the economy? Give people jobs! It doesn't matter if you can do things cheaper in India and the Philippines if no one's around to buy your products.

If you give regular people jobs, particularly jobs that pay less than $80,000, people will spend their money on homes and electronic equipment and clothes and home furnishings. If you give rich people jobs, they hoard the money to make sure they're still be able to give their poodles pedicures even during tough economic times.

I think if we want to save our country, we need to take care of our own people first. I'm all for a global economy, but not if it means our country is broke and homeless. Yeah, we have nursing shortages, but can you see a factory worker wanting to be a nurse? Heck, I wouldn't want my dad as a nurse and he's my dad!


Peanut's Pad said...
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Peanut's Pad said...

Okay - so I inadvertantly deleted my last comment - UGH I'm a moron...

ANYWAY! I was saying, it's upsetting to hear about your dad's job. Unfortunately, it's happening too often in too many industries right now.

My personal note: I'm truly grateful & humbled to continue to have my job.