Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Even Steven

Yesterday morning, I pulled a glass blender from the top of the refrigerator.  Unfortunately, it wasn't attached to the base and hit me in the head.  I have a very attractive bump on my forehead and a bruise.  Luckily,  I didn't get a black eye.  

In other bad news yesterday, I was wearing a dress that tied in the back.  I forgot all about the tie until it whipped around my body, soaking wet.  Yep...the tie had fallen into the toilet.  Blech!  Luckily, it was the end of the day, so I could go home and change.

My shining star moment yesterday came at the Giant Eagle Get-Go.  I paid $5.13 for my entire tank of gas.  Yep - filled my car for $5.13.  My lunch cost more than that!  I hadn't been redeeming my giant Eagle FuelPerks since gas has been pretty reasonable lately.  It makes me more comfortable filling up at other random locations.  I got my receipt the other day after grocery shopping and found out I had earned $1.20 off gas.  Since gas was only $1.58 yesterday, I paid 38 cents a gallon.  AWESOME!

Another shining star...I got to hang with Amy, Max and Evie.  We ate delicious Indian food and drank mead, which was rather interesting (and strong).  Woo hoo!

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