Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss California....Knows How to Party

When Miss California stated she was a fan of 'Opposite' marriage, not same-sex marriage, I thought she was an airhead.   

When topless photos of Miss California surfaced, I thought it was hysterical.  Once again, someone who points her long, bony self-righteous fingers at the rest of us, is proven to have a few skeletons in her own closet.

When I found out the Miss California Pageant Committee paid for the girl's fake boobs, I was amused and saddened.   What a bad role model for women everywhere.

No Free Pass for 'Speaking from the Heart'

I absolutely agree Miss California has the right to state her opinion. On the other hand, the rest of us have the right to disagree with her. I don't know where 'speaking from the heart' gets you a free pass from criticism.

Here's my latest beef.  When she found out she wasn't fired, here's what she said:

“Most importantly I would like to thank God for testing me with this large task and giving me the strength to stand by my beliefs. I answered my question honestly from my heart.”

Do You Think God Liked Your Nudie Pics?

Let me give you a clue, honey.  God doesn't care about who wins the Miss USA pageant.  This wasn't some 'test' to win people over to the side of opposite marriage.  Personally, I can't imagine God spending much time worrying about whether Adam and Steve are getting married.  It's kind of petty, isn't it? I can't imagine spending so much time and effort to keep other people down.

And if God did set this up as some big 'test,' I can't imagine he being too impressed with the breach of contract, lying, nude pictures and fake boobs.  In fact, technically God gave the woman small boobs so he probably isn't thrilled with the upgrade.

I just bothers me when people use Christianity as an excuse to hate other people and keep them from rights that are enjoyed by the rest of us.  I'm sure a generation ago, God didn't want black and white people to get married.  Thank goodness we've moved beyond that.

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hillsideslide said...

we CAN thank her for the fun term "Opposite Marriage!"

it totally brings a smile to my face every time i see or hear it