Sunday, July 05, 2009

Too Much Assistance

I wish I wouldn't get quite so much help from my cats when I make the bed. Somehow, trying to fend off two 12-pound felines in attack mode makes it a touch more difficult to put the sheets in the right place.

I haven't quite figured out why they attack the bedding. If they see me carrying sheets to the bedroom, they come running. As I remove the old sheets, they're on the bed, patting down every moving corner. As I put new sheets on, they're plopped in the middle of the bed, refusing to move. Sometims I just put the sheets over them -- sadly, they love that.

And, don't get me started with what happens when I try to turn the mattress!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. My cats, too, suffer from sheet-induced psychosis. One gets so spastic that she hunkers down, covered up by the sheet, and spits. So gross.
~Jen (& Ben)