Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Gonna Huff and Puff and...

collapse in a heap with a face like a beet!

I decided to go running a 8 a.m. this morning. I set my alarm and everything! Before you get all impressed with my dedication to fitness, I'll tell you the real reason I went running. I was hoping it would help me weigh less at my Weight Watchers meeting.

It worked...I lost 1.4 lbs last week!

While I was running, I kept thinking to myself that it was extra hard for some reason and someone was going to have to scrape up my decomposed corpse from the side of my apartment complex entrance. I'm doing the 'From Couch to 5K' program and was supposed to be doing Week 1, Day 3. Instead, I was doing Week 2, Day 2. No wonder I was pooped! Instead of running in 60 minute chunks, I was running in 90 minute chunks. As I typed last sentence I realized how pathetic that sounded!

After I was finished running, I looked like a beet. My face was all red. My head was all sweaty. No glowing here.

After running and my Weight Watchers meeting, I met Kelly at the gym. We walked for a little bit before our personal training session. Jess had us do a million sit-ups and some arm thingamajigs.

I felt really energetic after my workouts...until I showered and rested on my bed "just for a minute." I shouldn't have picked up The Lost Symbol . It sucks you in!

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