Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons, Charge a Nickel!

I hate my work cafeteria.

A mean lady works there -- let's call her Brunhilda. What a nasty disposition she has!

Yesterday, I got a coffee and a cup of water with lemon. I noticed she charged me 15 cents instead of 10 cents.

You've got it - she charged me a nickel for the lemon. I read the sign and I'm only supposed to be charged a nickel if I get TWO lemon slices. So I said "Did you charge me for the lemon slice? I only got one." Brunhilda said "I know, dearie. I only charged you for one." I said "I thought one lemon was free." Brunhilda said "What? You'll have to speak up." I gave up...daunted by a hard 0f hearing elderly lady.

I realize in the grand scheme of things, a nickel is not that exciting. I even understand why they charge people who use multiple lemons. (Even people who aren't in college make poor man's lemonade by adding 10 lemons to a cup of water.) I am horribly offended that I was charged a nickel for one teeny-tiny lemon slice. It wasn't even a wedge. In fact, an entire lemon costs about a quarter.

I'm also offended that they charge me a dime for a cup when I'm making another purchase. If I go to McDonald's, I can get a free cup of water with my meal and I can get free lemons (I think they usually have lemons sitting by the soda machine.) The work cafeteria touts itself as being such a great option. Let me tell you .... it SUCKS!

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