Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ants! We've Got Ants!

Let the record show that I HATE ants.

I have hated ants ever since I watched that horrible Empire of the Ants movie as a youngster. Giant ants eating people. Bubbly eyes. Creepy antennas. Blech!

Fast forward to summers in Flushing, Ohio, again as a youngster. My aunt had big, giant black ants in her kitchen. I was petrified and couldn't even go in. No matter how badly I wanted a Popsicle.

Fast forward to now. We have ants in OUR kitchen. Yes, they're the teeny-tiny ones. Still, I'm convinced that I'm going to wake up with hundreds of ants covering me, possibly carrying me to their giant Empire of the Ants leader.

Tonight, I was cooking dinner. (I made Diet Coke Pork Chops and a yummy vegetable gratin I sampled at Kroger.) I looked by the patio door and spied a swarm of black dots. This is when living with a man is beneficial. I yelled for Simon. "What is that by the door?" He peered at the swarm. "Ants." "Go buy ant traps now." He looked over at me, took one look at my face and said, "OK." I said, "I don't want to get anywhere near that door, do I?" "No," he said and headed to buy ant traps. He was back in five minutes, bless his heart.

Busy Busy Busy

If I thought I was busy last year, I had no idea what I was capable of. I am crazy busy now. The good news is, we've accomplished all this wedding stuff in the two months we've been engaged:

  • ceremony venue
  • reception venue
  • dress
  • DJ
  • hair dude
  • colors (chocolate brown, ivory and burnt orange)
  • engagement photos
  • photographer
  • cake
  • flowers
  • wedding party
  • wedding website
  • rehearsal dinner venue -- Plank's awesome are we?
  • hotel room blocks
There's still some pretty big stuff to go -- we haven't registered yet and we need to send out our Save the Dates.

Oh and moving...I'm still moving. I hate moving.

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