Friday, June 11, 2010

Even My Mom Meets Celebrities

For those of you who know me , you'll recall I'm a tad bitter at my lack of celebrity sightings. Heck, I went to Los Angeles TWICE last year and didn't even spot a Lohan or a Kardashian. They're everywhere!

My only celebrity encounter is the Danny Wood neck-sniffing incident. That's a pretty dang great story, but I can only tell it so many times. (Although I got to tell it to a new person on Tuesday, which I greatly enjoyed. If you haven't heard it, ask me next time you see me!)

My mom met a celebrity in New Martinsville, WV. Granted, he was there for an autographing session but she still met him. If you've never been to New Martinsville, you're not missing much. It's very tiny and very into country music.

I'm not a soap opera person. The rest of my family has been involved in an exclusive relationship with The Young and the Restless for more years than I've been alive. (I think a few also flirt with The Bold and the Beautiful.)

One of The Young and the Restless' bona fide stars, Michael Muhney, was signing autographs.
He apparently plays Victor Newman's son, Adam Wilson. Not sure why his last name isn't also Newman, but I'm sure it involves some scandal and maybe an evil twin. He was also the nasty sheriff guy on Veronica Mars, which helped me figure out who he was. I loved me some Veronica Mars.

My mom told Michael how much my grandmother loves The Young
and the Restless but that she was in the hospital so she couldn't be there to meet him. (She's been in and out of the hospital for the past several months - very sad and stressful.)

Michael said "Well let's call her!" He picked up the phone and chatted with my grandmother in the hospital, telling her he hoped she felt better soon and was sorry he couldn't meet her. For the crappy celebrities out there, this one was genuinely nice to my grandmother and mom. That's always nice to hear!

Here's a shot of Michael and my mom - I thought it was cute!


Anonymous said...

aww that's so wonderful! i love michael and i'm glad to hear he's such a nice guy in person :)

Stef said...

Aw, that's so nice. I hope your Grandma didn't suffer a mild shock being called by Michael. That's such a Michael thing to do. So happy for you Mom.

Does it make me a dork, that I want to hear the Danny story now ...cause, dudette! DANNY!

Julie said...

Michael is an incredible guy who has an undying love and appreciation for his fans. I met him and his wife once in LA, and they were both completely sweet and adorable. His mom even responds on Twitter -- how cool is that? :)

Eljabo said...

Oh good - I'm glad to hear he's always so nice! I know my grandmother and mom were both thrilled!

Stef - a few years ago, Danny Wood was doing his solo tour. He signed autographs and CDs afterward. When my friend and I went up to have a picture taken with him, he sniffed our necks and told us we were "lovely-smelling ladies." Thank goodness for Gap White body spray (although I don't think they make it anymore!)

Danny was fabulous. We saw Jordan Knight a couple years later on HIS solo tour and he acted a bit brattish.

Anonymous said...

he is such a wonderful guy i would love to meet him in person i would go to canada for tea but it is to far i just think he is wonderful he is so cute to...