Sunday, August 01, 2010

Marathon Saturday

Saturday was a day for the ages!

Simon and I decided to find wedding rings. We started at Worthington Jewelers -- the 6th jewelry store we've looked at. Simon has found a ring in every store; I'm a tad more picky.

At Worthington Jewelers , a 12-year-old boy waited on us. Honestly, I don't think someone barely old enough to drive is qualified to help me pick out a wedding ring. I couldn't find anything there, sadly. I was so frustrated, I ended up bursting into tears in the parking lot.

Next, we went to the jewelry store across the street. Amazingly, we DID find rings we liked there. Sadly, the ring I liked cost $1,200. At this point, I was ready to just suck it up. The guy wrote down our info and told us he'd get back to us with more detailed pricing information. We didn't put any money down or sign any paperwork.

Running Shoes

Next, we went to Roadrunner to check out their running shoes. They have a cool system called ShoeDog that helps you find the perfect shoe. They had me stand on a balance board to see where I put the most pressure on my feet. Then they videotaped my feet on a tread to see if I had any weird running habits. Afterward, I stood at a balance station to be fitted for custom insoles. Apparently, I have high arches and I over-pronate. My right foot was REALLY bad. It was practically perpendicular to my body.

I found a pair of shoes and insoles I really liked. A little pricey, but I am getting ready for a 5K and I'm starting boot camp on Monday. It works better when I'm wearing decent shoes.

More Rings

Simon didn't find any shoes he liked at Roadrunner so we headed to the mall. On the way to the shoe store, we saw a jewelry store advertising 60% off. We decided to check it out and amazingly found the perfect rings. We ended up buying them. My ring was on sale and Simon's was priced incorrectly. We got both of our rings AND lifetime warranties for less money than just my ring alone would have cost at the other store. And they were beautiful!


On our way out, we stopped at Teavana for a sample of tea. Teavana is a gourmet loose-leaf tea store. We both loved the Samurai Chai/ White Chai blend, so I ended up buying a tea steeper and tea.

That store is really cool - they sell about 25 different loose-leaf tea blends you buy by the ounce. My friend Amy told me there's a big difference between loose-leaf tea and bagged tea. She was absolutely right.

Now I want to try all the different blends!

Actually, the sprint to the wedding finish line starts now. We have something almost every single weekend until the wedding. It's going to be insane! It just two months and a week, the day will finally be here. Then, we'll be sitting on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails!

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