Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mr. Sandman

I wish I could get a whole night of sleep - I'd be much more pleasant during the day.

Here are the things that woke me up last night:
  • Gigantic thunderstorm lasting a half-hour

  • Noise from cat knocking things over as she wedged herself in a place she shouldn't be

  • Other cat using my lower abdomen as a springboard

  • Horrifying wedding dream in which on my wedding day, I had no styling products for my hair, had no hair stylist, had no makeup, had no makeup person, had no transportation, was running late looking like a hot mess and for some reason invited all kinds of people I didn't like at my old job to my wedding
Hmmm...maybe someone from my old job hired a dream extractor to insert the idea into my subconscious brain that I should invite them. Kidding -- I just saw Inception so I'm on a dream extractor kick. Plus, the only people who care about weddings are the people having them and their immediate families. To everyone else, they're a torturous necessity only aided by free booze.

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