Monday, November 01, 2010

Back to the Grind

Back to the better health grind that is!

The weekend was pretty good - I am currently obsessed with the Late Night expansion pack for Sims 3. (Yes, I am a nerd.) I worked on Friday and Sunday to turn my Hot Mess family into 3-star celebrities. Although Blanche Hot Mess had a baby out of wedlock, which was viewed negatively by the neighborhood. I tried to get her boyfriend to marry her, but he kept having to go to work.

Football Saturday Night

On Saturday, we went to a friend's house for an OSU football party. It was hilarious. When we got there, my friend jokingly asked me if I was pregnant because she said that was the first question she got asked after she got back from her honeymoon. I answered the question with a guffaw. The hubby answered with "Well, she's not taking the pill anymore and she's taking pre-natal vitamins." Dude! That's a lot of info!

To clarify, I'm taking a vitamin with iron and a DHA supplement so I'll be ready when it's time to stop preventing. But I'm not planning on not preventing anytime soon. You can't put them back once they come out.

Watching the Weight

On Saturday, I joined Weight Watchers with my friend Ang. At the OSU party, I ate something described as "fat on fat," so it hasn't sunk in yet. (It was little cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon brushed with brown sugar and baked - yum!)

I did plan out my meals for the week -- I have ingredients on hand for the following dishes although I can postpone or substitute as needed. (I am also trying to use up squash, bacon and bell peppers:

  • Penne with bacon, butternut squash and spinach (Every Day with Rachael Ray) -- I made this one last night. Blech - it was HORRIBLE. I do not like the textures of sauteed butternut squash. I prefer it to be roasted or turned into fries.

  • Three-Pepper Pasta Toss (Light and Tasty) and salad -- OK

  • New Fashioned Meatloaf (Biggest Loser) with frozen green peas and mushrooms and acorn squash -- Eh - kind of bland. Squash was good though

  • Taco potatoes (Weight Watchers Message Board) -- Exactly what they sound like - potatoes topped with taco toppings - Delicious! A repeater

  • Apple Bacon and cheese sandwich and canned soup -- Very tasty - good combo of flavors

  • Chicken with Peppers & Mushrooms and brown rice -- Excellent

  • Crockpot Borracho Chicken (Sandra Lee) and brown rice and possibly refried black beans

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