Thursday, December 02, 2010

Change is Good!

Weight Watchers unveiled their new PointsPlus program earlier this week. I've been on it for five days and I already love it.

  • Fruits and veggies are free

  • Foods that are higher in carbohydrates or fat have higher point values; foods that are higher in protein and fiber have lower point values.

  • Most foods have increased in points - but we get more daily and weekly points. I got 5 more daily points and 14 more weekly points.
Here's what I love about it:

  • Since all the point values are new, I have to actually look things up and pay attention. That prevented me from drinking a 9-point small mocha (no whip/skim milk) and led me to choose a 3-pt sangria over a 9-pt margarita.

  • More points! I actually am having trouble getting them all in!

  • On the old program, I usually only had 5 or 6 points left for dinner. Now, I average 16. The other day I met a friend for Mexican food. I had sangria (3), 12 tortilla chips (4) and 2 chicken fajitas (10). I managed to stay in my daily points AND have a satisfying meal.

  • I feel satisfied and comfortable throughout the day! And if I'm still hungry, I can always eat a fruit or veggie for 0 points.
Scary Weight Loss

I'm glad I'm doing Weight Watchers. My friend Vicki was telling me about some friends of her that are doing a drastic program. They give themselves shots of some hormone once a day and then stick to a 500 calorie diet. They have to weigh themselves every day and if they gain weight, they are only allowed to eat apples the next day. I think it's 6 apples a day.

How is that teaching you to eat well? How can you possibly have any energy? More importantly, why would you want to give yourself a shot everyday?

People are BONKERS!

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