Monday, February 21, 2011

Ouch - My Arms Hurt

I've been boxing.

And boot camping.

This means I am tired. A lot.

A Title Boxing Club opened up near my house so I decided to check it out with Simon and Vicki.
In the middle of the WARM-UP, I thought there was a good chance I might collapse and die. About half way through, that fear continued as I sweat gallons and my face turned beet red.

About half of the workout involved punching a bag. The rest involved bouts of burpees (don't ask - they're evil), squat-jumps, lunges, squats and running.

After we finished, I wanted to collapse in the fetal position and cry. I also wanted to join.

So now, I'm boxing - I have gloves, wraps and a snazzy looking bag.

I also feel sore - a lot. But I'm sore in all the right places -mainly my triceps and my ass.

We'll see how it goes - but after just a week of doing two boot camp workouts, one bellydance workout and two boxing workouts - I feel stronger than I have in over a year.

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