Monday, July 18, 2011

Neville Got Hot!

Yes, I'm continuing on my Harry Potter streak. So, sue me!

Let's talk Neville Longbottom. In my opinion, he doesn't get enough love. Finally, people are starting to show him some. Click here for a list of reasons why Neville Longbottom is a BAMF. (I thought I knew what a BAMF was, but I had to google it to make sure.)

Neville was me in high school - the pudgy, bumbling, awkward student. By the end of the books, his heroic side is in full force. (I've yet to discover my heroic side - maybe it will come in 2012.)

I always thought the actor who played Neville was a little unfortunate looking. Apparently, he wore fake teeth and a fat suit for most of the movies. (Evidence: left picture).

Check out the picture on the right to see what he's been hiding. He's smokin' hot. (Not as hot as my husband, of course!)

The one thing I always found the most fascinating about the Harry Potter books is that Neville was born around the same time as Harry and could have totally been the Chosen One named in the prophecy. However, Voldemart chose to focus solely on Harry so Voldemart was actually the one to define Harry's fate.

I really need to read these books again, but I have 23 books checked out from the library right now. :(

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