Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hangin' With the Teeny Boppers

Last week, I joined a million teen girls for the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. And on Sunday, I went to see it again with my husband.

No, I'm not a Twi-Hard. I wanted to have a fun night with some of my girlfriend. But, I knew my hubby wanted to see the movie too. We've seen all the movies together. In fact, we went to the opening night of the very first movie when we were first dating. I had read all the books. Simon went along for the ride. We had no idea what we were getting into until we saw the long line of 14 year old girls wearing Team Edward t-shirts.

Personally, I thought the latest movie was extremely corny, but fun to watch.

The wedding was lovely and provided lots of comic relief. And, of course, Bella got knocked up the one-and-only time she had sex - with her vampire husband's sperm. How does he still have sperm? In fact, how is Edward able to have erections? He's dead. Although I guess the question is how would he ever NOT have erections, since dead people are stiff.

Most of the movie is filled with thinly veiled pro-life (or as I like to call it, anti-choice since pro-choice people are still fond of life but think abortion is a private, personal medical decision that women should make with their doctors)) / pro-choice messaging. Since the author is Mormon, that makes sense, I guess. Still, I think no matter how pro-life you are, if you're possibly going to give birth to a demon, it may be time to change your thinking.

My favorite part of the movie is when the computer generated werewolves stood around arguing telepathically. It reminded me of a cross between Homeward Bound and Thundercats.

And the birth scene - completely grossed me out and terrified me. Although I guess when it's time for me to have kids, I won't need to drink blood or have my baby suck all the life out of my body, so it should be much better.

And am I the only one who is grossed out by Jacob and Renesmee? I'm sorry. It's creepy.

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