Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nerd Girl Heaven

Personally, I think running is pretty darn boring. However, I love what it does for my physique.  And I just plain feel better when I take time for regular runs.  I haven't ran in over a year, but I've been so disappointed in the size of my booty, I decided to give it a whirl.

Today, I ran 14 minutes all with the help of a fun new iPhone app -- Zombies, Run!

In the app, the zombie apocalypse has happened.  You are Runner 5.  Your helicopter has crashed and you are trying to run to safety (a barricaded town).  As you run, you collect medical supplies and try to keep away from hordes of zombies.

You're being guided over the radio by a person in the town.  Brief snippets of story play and then the radio guy says "Ooh - I don't like the look of that.  There's a horde of zombies coming your way."  Then music plays and you're supposed to run.  (I supposed you could run the whole time, but I'm not advanced like that.)

There's also a zombie chase option where zombies will randomly start chasing you and you have to pick up your pace for a minute. (I opted out of this for the first run - partly because I'm a running newbie and partly because I was scared.)

As someone blessed/cursed with a vivid, overactive imagination, this app worked wonders.  As I was running, I was actually thinking "I have to get the supplies from the hospital - they're counting on me" and "Eeek - I better pick up the pace.  That zombie is right behind me." That was way better than my normal thoughts while running -- "I'm going to die," "my legs hurt," and my personal favorite, "should I be breathing this hard?"

Right now, there are 40 different "missions' available - I'm sure they'll eventually add more. Just a warning - that a little pricey - $7.99.  But, if it gets me to run regularly and not hate it, it's worth every penny!

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