Monday, May 08, 2006

Why Don't Frou-Frou Women Sweat When They Work Out?

Ugh - I just got back from the gym where I walked briskly on the treadmill and did strength training for my booty and legs. All I can say is, I sweat when I work out. My hair gets all crazy. My face gets all red. My clothes stick to my body (or at least I feel like they do). I look like Ronald McDonald's brunette love child.

I'm sure this is painting a delightful picture for you!

There are tons of women at the gym (OK, maybe 30) who never, ever sweat. They come in full makeup with lots of jangly jewelry - and they're makeup never runs! They smell like an entire floral garden. They are bronzed and petite with hair in perfect, straight, bouncy ponytails.

They make me want to throw up. I think I'm working out with the Stepford Wives. It makes me not want to work out. (Although, I really would like an ass that is slightly smaller than the state of Texas.)


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