Tuesday, June 27, 2006

About 5 More Years 'Til I'm Middle-Aged, Kiddies!

Yes, imagine my delight to see a big spread in the local newspaper about how fashion designers are shifting their focus to the middle-aged woman (Those over 35). I had no idea that after I turn 30 in September, I've got 5 years until I plummet off the cliff of fashion obscurity.

Instantaneously, I'll have to wear long flowered skirts, sensible Mary Janes and flowing blouses buttoned up to the top button. My hair will be cut in a ear length bob and I'll have tiny gold studs for earrings.

I'll throw away my red lipstick and decide that contact lenses are too much work. I'll probably have a knee brace, maybe some bifocals. It's going to be swell.

And in News Around the World, No More German Bears
Gotta love the Germans! (Sorry, I had a bad experience with a German co-worker who screamed German swear words at me and made me cry at work so I'm biased.)

This is a Washington Post article (Fed-Up Germany Kills Its Only Wild Bear). The article is really well-written. My favorite paragraph:

Although Bruno didn't hurt any people, he was accused of eating sheep and plundering beekeepers' hives. He also gave people a fright in the village of Kochel am See recently when he ambled around a cafe, sat on the stoop of the police station and snacked on a little girl's pet guinea pig.

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