Friday, June 09, 2006

"Bad Luck, Come and Get Me!"

I'm referring, of course, to a line from one of the classic "Brady Bunch Goes to Hawaii" episodes. In fact, listen to what I found. (I love that other people have so much time on their hands - it makes my life so enjoyable!)

Although I didn't have any problems with a cantankerous tiki tonight, I did get to eat some tropical cuisine. I went with Amy, Max, Gary and Baby Evie to the Tropical Bistro, a new restaurant that just opened in Hilliard.

Kahiki Lite

Columbus used to have the Kahiki, a fantastically-fun Polynesian restaurant that closed about 6 years ago.

One of the waiters or chefs or some dude who worked at the old restaurant opened this new one. It has all of the same kitschy stuff that the Kahiki did, including a similar food and drink menu.

SIDE NOTE: I've decided all of my recipes from now on must include dry ice and fire. Every single one. If I could just put bowls of dry ice around my apartment, I would.

Watch Out for the Vicious Virgin!

Max and I got fun drinks. (Amy tried to order the Vicious Virgin - turns out the vicious part is the rum and vodka. Bad virgin!). I had the Smoking Eruption, which of course contained dry ice, and Max had the Headhunter, which was served in a creepy zombie head (see photo above (Gary's on the left, Evie's in the middle, Max's on the right.) Oh - there was this nauseating couple at a table near ours. They ordered a pina colada or something - with two straws. GAG. At least drink out of the same straw. How annoying.

Ooh - and my dinner (the tropical chicken) was served in half of a pineapple. SIDE NOTE: I've also decided that all of my meals will now be served in hollowed-out fruits and vegetables. Much easier to clean up.

Big Fat Flaming Dessert

And of course, we had to get dessert. It was the Big Fat Matsamuna or Big Kahuna or Big Masaman - something with big or fat in the title (see photo to the left - I'm on the right, Amy's on the left.) It came with dry ice and fire, plus chocolate and vanilla ice cream, bananas, pineapple, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and something Amy thought was called CoochieFruit, but was probably called something else.

Good times were had by all! It's officially my new favorite restaurant - and my new culinary inspiration. (Now where can I get some dry ice?)


shroud said...

Wow, that's an astonishingly bad picture of me. Ugh...

Definitely had a lot of fun last night - going to have to make it out there again soon. Thanks for going out with us!

amymvt said...

you can get dry ice at grater's actually. that is a bad pic of me too, oh well. It's gary's fault, right:P