Friday, June 23, 2006

A Bunch of Random Crap

Another Saturday at work - woo hoo! I know you're all jealous. I'm about typed out today, so here's a couple of random things that have amused me:

  • I tried this "Place the State" game where you have to drop states into a map. I got 33 out of 50 (not great), but my average was about 103 miles off (which could be worse.) Those Western states get me every time!

  • Yowza! This poor guy: Man With 10-year Erection Awarded $400,000 (Don't worry - there's no photograph!)

  • I find this article annoying (Key to Long Life May Be Mom's Age At Birth)- mainly because I'm older than 25 so any child I have is apparently doomed. Here's my problem with it - not so many people live to be 100, a lot of babies are born to people younger than 25. I think living long is good genes and sheer dumb luck.

    I bet this study was sponsored by one of those 'Get the women back in the kitchen" organizations. Heaven forbid a woman be more interested in establishing her career before she squeezes something the size of a watermelon out of a part of the body that isn't quite that big. Ugh. In fact, double ugh. (twin ughs)

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