Friday, June 23, 2006

Turning 80: Something to Look Forward To?

Just watched the debut (and DVRd) episode of America's Got Talent (I'm on call all weekend so I can't leave my apartment).

I'm so glad I did -- I got to see a sweetheart of an 80-year-old male stripper. With a smattering of glitter dusting his bronzed pecs, this maestro of the erotic arts did things with a glow stick that gave me chills. He said women pass out at his shows because they're so excited by his performances (either that or they're afraid to keep looking - he is rather like the sun, blinding and deadly).

He's 80 years old and the world's oldest stripper, which got me thinking, why stop with 80? Who's to say there can't be a 92 and 3/4-year-old stripper or maybe a 101-year-old stripper? The possibilities are endless!

Here's the video:

Yowza! Those are some mighty fine moves, right ladies? You know, the age difference is probably too much for me, but my grandmother's single. Hmmmmm...

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