Friday, June 02, 2006

I Learned the Latin Quickie (not Ricky Martin)

We learned a fabulous new bellydancing routine last night called the Latin Quickie. It's absolutely adorable and has a new move called the hip thrust (it sounds way worse than it is!) It's a finale piece.

American Idol Caused an Arrest!

This is the most hilarious article I've ever seen - Police: Man Attacks Mother Over 'American Idol.' Basically, a guy got mad when his mom said Katharine McPhee was going to have a successful career despite losing to Taylor. He hit her over the head with a bicycle-chain shaped bottle opener. Can you imagine?

Oh - Taylor's single is already on the Adult Contemporary chart - even though it hasn't been released yet. That's actually pretty huge - the Idol super-sappy coronation monstrosities never get airplay.

The Today Show Agrees With Me!

The Today Show did a segment on break-ups - in honor of Jennifer Aniston's new movie. The "relationship expert" said that people who break up with people over the phone suck and that a face-to-face break-up shows respect for the person and the relationship. (Ok, maybe they didn't use the word suck, but the sentiment was there!)

It's a little weird not hearing from him - we'd usually at least exchange an email or two during the day. I'm kind of bummed we don't do that anymore. (Not that he probably gives two figs, but I kind of miss the chatter). I'm also bummed I'm not going to see the end of that Robin Hood DVD series he imported from England. They don't have it available here - and I'm certainly not going to import it. Oh well. Life goes on.

The Silver Lining

I completely forgot how many cute guys are wandering the city. I was talking to a young hottie at work today and he suggested we grab dinner or a drink next week. I think I will...why the heck not? Plus, it's proof there are men out there who think I'm cute and fun!

I Heart Mary Janice Davidson

Her books are hilarious! Drop Dead, Gorgeous is the second in a series aboutreally girly super-spies. The women characters are fun, the men are what every woman dreams about, the pace is quick. I read it in about 2 hours total (over a couple of days).

My favorite sentence is:

In fact, the whole morning had been one reminder after another that she was doomed to die alone, in sweatpants with half her face chewed off by her cats. Not that she had any. Well, she had lots of sweatpants, just no cats. But the road she was traveling, it was inevitable.

That is my greatest fear - sweatpants and face chewed off. Especially my sweatpants with all the holes in the buttock area. So comfortable to wear, so disgusting to view!


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