Sunday, June 04, 2006

This Weekend Blows

It feels like all I've done is work and it's already Sunday! (Since I worked late on Friday and worked most yesterday, no wonder.)

My mom's visiting this weekend to cure me of my pathetic "heartbreak." We went out to dinner last night, where I almost fell asleep in my tilapia. By the way, coconut-crusted shrimp - YUM! Best thing I've eaten in weeks. Probably not the best for me thing, but still - YUM!

Boys Are Still Stupid

I've proceeded to the "rage" stage. I'm not sure if I'm mad at myself for wasting my time with Stupidhead or if I'm mad at him for being so callous.

It's like someone died (although not as permanent, obviously). I had this good friend with whom I talked about all kinds of stuff on almost a daily basis (at least through email). He calls me up one day and all of a sudden, I no longer have this friend. It bugs me. And what bugs me more is, he probably doesn't care at all that he's not talking to me, so why do I care? UGH.

Just Say No

I don't know if I will go out with that guy from work. I want to avoid all things with penises for awhile.

I'm going to concentrate on getting my stomach and triceps in tip-top shape for my debut bellydancing performance in July (using my never-fail Booty-Beautifying Boot Camp method of getting in shape.)

I'll be pretty naked up there, so I don't want to scare off my audience (although most of them probably have cataracts anyway since I'll be performing for senior citizens at a library.)

I have to buy fake hair too. Apparently, bellydancers don't have chin-length cuts. Long & flowing is the way to go.


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