Monday, June 05, 2006

My Personal Life Update

I was so busy making fun of the news this morning, I didn't have time to write anything about my personal life. I took a half day off today, so I have some time now!

I've moved past rage...into peace. Much better place to be - and I've gone through all the stages rapidly!

I feel kind of bad for calling him a Stupidhead. He's not a bad guy... just not for me. I think I knew it all along, but chose to ignore the inklings. Probably because we got along really well - we had a lot of the same thoughts and ideas about things (except for his refusal to watch American Idol and his refusal to be called the Silver Fox. Wonder why?!?) I'm still a little bummed about losing the friendship, but what can you do?

My new game plan is to not go out with anyone for a month. My work schedule's crazy anyway - and I have some fun personal stuff planned soon. For a month, I'll work a lot, hang out with friends a lot, work out a lot, eat, drink & make merry. Read some books, watch some movies - fun times!

After a month, I'll have a temporary lull at work with plenty of time to meet someone new who is for me. (And who is willing to be called the Silver Fox, Brown Fox, Black Fox, Blonde Fox, Red Fox, Bald Fox, Comb-over Fox- whatever it needs to be!).

I like having plans, so I feel better already!

'My Date With Drew' - Fun Movie!

I just watched My Date With Drew and it was adorable. I really enjoyed it. All about this average guy who had a crush on Drew Barrymore his entire life. He wins a contest, comes into some money and tries to get a date with Drew in 30 days. I won't tell you whether he succeeds, but the journey's great all the same.

Scary Food Book

One of my friends recommended this nutrition book, Nourishing Traditions. It's one of the scariest things I've ever read in my life. (And if you're reading this, maybe it needs more explanation, 'cause the book's freaking me out!) It recommends you use lard to cook with instead of oil (apparently, chicken fat is better for you than canola oil). It also recommends eating raw meat, drinking unpasteurized milk and eating sprouted grains.

I may be able to try the grains, but there is no way in Hell (Michigan) that I'm touching raw meat and unpasteurized milk. I don't even drink milk on its expiration date - and don't get me started on how cooked my meat needs to be. (Let's just say charred!) Methinks there will be no nourishing traditions for me!

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