Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And I Had Another Date Tonight...

This is what I like to think of as dating like Goldilocks. 25 is too young, 40 is too old. Tonight was the 40-year-old. He was very nice - intelligent, interesting to talk to, funny, articulate - but I felt like I was out to dinner with a professor or one of the nerdy older bankerish fellas I worked with. He was just a little too corporate/buttoned down for me.

At least there are plenty of men between 25 and 40. Maybe I can even narrow the parameters a bit.

I don't even have funny stories about this one, because he was perfectly nice. I just felt afterward that I wouldn't really care if I never heard from him again. Probably not the best feeling to have on a first date. The good part is, I had a Tang Martini. Tang and vodka - otherwise known as the poor man's screwdriver.

Now That I'm Finished With Romantic Tales of Woe, Beach Plans Are Underway

The good news is Liz and I have picked out a beach and lodging for our trip next week - my first whole week off. We're going to Virginia Beach and we're staying at the Viking Motor Inn. It's fairly inexpensive and right on the beach. I'm sure it's going to be a bit rundown - that's what all the reviews said - but no one mentioned roaches or pinkeye in the reviews (unlike many of the other hotels we looked at!)

We're driving out on Monday, staying with Tina Monday night, getting to the beach Tuesday and returning on Friday. If you've been to Virginia Beach and have activity suggestions, let me know. I need some kind of excitement in my life - these dates sure aren't cutting it!

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