Monday, July 03, 2006

The Great Coffee Incident of July 3, 2006

So my work laptop died on Friday. Convinced I could perform electronic CPR on it or something, I took it with me to my parents' house over the weekend and tried to fix it. No go - dead as dead can be.

While it was being rebuilt (I lost everything, which is a reminder to y'all to save to the network), I had to work on the spare desktop computer conveniently located next to my boss' boss' boss' printer (otherwise known as "the printer of a massively-important dude.")

This is the printer that his assistant called and had me removed from because I printed to it once and a document came up missing. They thought I stole it (although 15 other people print there on a regular basis.)

As I sat there typing away, I reached for a pen and tipped over my large, nearly-full cup of coffee all over the printer, the floor, the desk, one of the dude's confidential printouts.

I flipped out - mainly because his assistant is easily upset and would make a huge deal about it. Luckily she didn't notice.

I managed to get it all cleaned up - I was shoving paper towels in drawers, lifting the printer up to clean underneath while she was in the bathroom, telling that the reason the cube smelled like coffee was because I picked up a really strong brand, bringing her printed pages so no one entered the cube, having my co-worker deliver papertowels in a manila folder telling me it was the project I was working on, making copies of the coffee-stained printout so no one would know.

So another lesson, drink no beverages around electronics - either with lids or without. It was a bad scene!

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