Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy Thoughts

Just in case you were wondering, K-Fed is available to come to your parties. You just have to pay him. $20,000. If you're paying K-Fed $20,000 to be your friend, what does that say about you? Here's the article if you want the details.

Living Alone = Death

I just read an article that living alone doubles your risk of heart disease, something that thrills me to no end. Maybe it's because people who live alone have friends who put canned spotted dick in their cupboards?

I Am Woman - Don't Make Me Work Too Hard

I read another article that said women who work longer hours are more likely to smoke, drink coffee and eat crappy food. Hmmm. Great to know that my 60 hour workweeks a couple of months ago had such a positive impact on my health.

Pay Dubya To Be Your Friend

At a time when even the most loyal Republicans are staying far away from the disturbingly unpopular Bushmeister, Ohio's lovely Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell is embracing the First Stud. Yes, Bushie Baby will be appearing at a fundraising dinner for Mr. Blackwell. $1,000 to go, $10,000 to have your picture taken with the Prez. Sign me up!

I Just Think This Is Funny

The Republican candidate for Secretary of State is pushing tougher penalties for voter fraud. Hmmm.... Kenneth Blackwell overseeing elections when he's running for governor. Methinks something shady is happening here. Maybe he'll be the first voter fraud felon! We can only hope.

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